An introduction to the Galaxy of Pie

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An introduction to the Galaxy of Pie

Post  Barne on Sat Jan 28 2012, 09:06

The Galaxy of Pie (Galaxy 6)

Leader: swcooper (Nomad on here)
Vice leaders: Barne, DamaskRose and Drakken
Members: ~49
Current rank: ~8th
Requirements Buildings at level 20, at least 3 planets or two purple heroes.

We've been around for a good while and have slowly, but surely, worked our way up in the rankings and are continuously looking to improve by working together. Teamwork is important to us and we ask that our members look out for one another as much as possible. We help each other through the chapters and we go on raids together of course!

We are still looking for new members for our active galaxy. We have a few requirements:
  1. Be active: Players who stay away for a long period of time (unannounced, 5+ days) might be kicked to be replaced if we have no more room for new players. Plus you get daily rewards for logging in each day.
  2. Be polite and respectful; we're a friendly guild and we'd like to keep it accessible for all ages.
  3. Help out where you can: Teamplayers are most valued and it's what we prefer to see. Help your fellow members when they ask for help, share your strategies so others can learn from your knowledge, help donate ore if required and go along on raid parties. It's all part of being in a team. Invite galaxy members first and friends from outside the galaxy just to fill a need, we'd prefer to keep the coupons and items in the galaxy where possible.
  4. Grow stronger! We have no strict power requirements, but the more the better of course. But we're willing to give everyone a chance to grow into a giant! See the posts in the galaxy only section for further tips on how to do this.
  5. Have a forum account here: The game's communication functions are rather limited and coordination our efforts is really hard through the meager board and PM system in there. Thus we ask all members to make an account on this forum for better galaxy communication.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the leader or one of the vice leaders in game and you will be provided with the password to join. Alternatively, you may also make a post in the recruitment thread stating you wish to join and someone will contact you in game as soon as possible. When asking to join, please state your current power, how long you've been playing and why you want to join.


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