Update January 30, 2012

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Update January 30, 2012

Post  Barne on Mon Jan 30 2012, 09:12

playmage wrote:Update January 30, 2012

  • Fixed a pillar raid exploit/bug that was allowing additional players to join after the first fight.
  • Pillar Raid team members now earns 1 coupon per each 1000 damage dealt to pillar boss’s ship, capped at the current maximum 50 coupons.
  • Hero level in the tavern is now moved to the upper left corner of the picture so it doesn’t get cutoff.
  • You can now use Gold to reset Level 10+ Hero’s stats by clicking on one of the 4 attribute icons, which will change the Hero type to that attribute type, reallocated system assigned attribute points up to his current level, and refund user-allocated attribute points to the allocation pool.
  • Galaxy board icon will now flash whenever there is a new player written message.
  • Changed the preloader to be less CPU intensive by removing the lagging bar fade-in/fade-out animations.


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