Update February 2, 2012

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Update February 2, 2012

Post  Barne on Thu Feb 02 2012, 08:36

playmage wrote:Update February 2, 2012

  • Added Personal Damage Ranking for Pillars (total counted from now so values are not accurate for pillars with existing damages).
  • Added a new rule to prevent strong players intentionally exploiting revenge traps and protection buffs:
    • Chapter 6+ players with less than 30% of their maximum potential army strength assigned to heroes will lose 5% of their completed ships stored in the shipyard. Ship destroyed percentage is based on army strength and rounded up to nearest whole ship when needed, deducted from smallest class first.
    • Because ships completed while player is offline isn’t actually added to storage until player logs in, they are not counted in the potential army strength nor would they be destroyed. So there is no need to be concerned about them.
    • Players that will be affected will receive warning messages from the advisor and the fleet icon will flash until condition is resolved. Players are encouraged to enabled auto-assign for their heroes if they have backups stored in the shipyard, to avoid dropping below 30% from repeated losses.

  • New lottery system for blue/purple equipments.
    • Whenever a blue or purple item shows up in the mall, the “Buy” button will become a “Info” button.
    • The Info button will open up a lottery box where player will be purchasing lottery boxes that may contain the equipment instead of equipment itself.
    • The price displayed will be deducted even if lottery box is empty, so there is a significant price increase, especially for purple items.

  • Resource rewards for visiting significantly increased.


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Re: Update February 2, 2012

Post  1benjy1 on Fri Feb 03 2012, 13:54

Thats it the F***ing game DEV just ruined it for everyone not mega pro already, 60k fighters and 50 MS gonein a day or so from enemy attacks. How is this even fair?? The people who are strong will now stop anyone else fro developing =/

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