Update February 7, 2012

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Update February 7, 2012

Post  Barne on Tue Feb 07 2012, 08:48

playmage wrote:Update February 7, 2012

  • Minimum assigned ratio before ship stored in shipyard destroyed reduced to 20%.
  • The minimal ratio warning window is now can be hidden permanently (the fleet icon will still flash).
  • War command attribute score increased to 5k (effective on login/attack/spy, this will likely not be increased further).
  • New galaxy merge function:
    • Leaders of galaxy with 25 or fewer members can choose to merge all his members to another galaxy where combined total is 50 or less.
    • If target galaxy has a password, the leader must enter the correct password before merging. (There is no other prompt so don’t press the button if you don’t intend to merge)
    • Donated ores as well as the recorded total in donate ranks from the merging galaxy will be brought over to the target galaxy.
    • The target galaxy will maintain their current leader, vices, votes, and diplomacy. (The merging galaxy will be lost)
    • All members of the merging galaxy will have a 24 hour timer before they can join another galaxy or vote.


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