Update February 9th and 10th

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Update February 9th and 10th

Post  DominarWill on Sat Feb 18 2012, 12:00

  • You can now choose “Continue” when receiving the prompt that says you only build X amount of ships due to shipyard capacity, which will build the maximum mentioned in the prompt.
    Fixed a bug where when a pillar is destroyed with no new galaxy occupying it, the previous galaxy/personal damage ranking would be blank.

    Add Universe Map has been added to the War screen which allow players to access previous chapters. (future expansion chapters will be added on a second screen).
    Added confirmation prompt for merging galaxies.
    When trying to upgrade hero skills, you can now use either Upgrade Books or skill books of the same skill. However, the price of random skill book has been slightly increased to account for this new function.
    Minor bug fixes.


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