Update February 14th, 15th, 17th

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Update February 14th, 15th, 17th

Post  DominarWill on Sat Feb 18 2012, 12:04

  • The collect resource button now collects resources from all planets. (You can still collect from individual planets by collecting from their buildings).
    Fix galaxy skipping issue with the galaxy list in the diplomacy dialog and added up/down arrows.
    Misc Bug Fixes.

    Next pillar claimed will start at 50M HP instead of 25M after this patch. (swapped pillar will start at lower value of 50M and previous + 10M)
    Fixed a bug caused by previous patch’s which unintentionally caused some boss’s (pillars, raid boss, pirates) to be easier than before.
    Changed the collected all resource’s scrolling display to be multi-line for easier reading and prevent it from being cut-off.

    Added protection count down timers for pillars (both on team creation dialog and pillar screen).
    Daily Spin resource rewards base value will be the higher value of the previous amount and half of your hourly production rate.
    Misc bug fixes.


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