Update February 20, 2012

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Update February 20, 2012

Post  Barne on Mon Feb 20 2012, 11:40

playmage wrote:Update Update February 20, 2012

  • Fleet targeting algorithm changed from 70% of chance hitting the fleet with highest attack to 70% of chance hitting the fleet with highest power (army strength).
  • Hero Skill Changes
    • Combo attack skill’s second attack is no longer dependent on the first attack successfully landing.
    • Player Hero’s skill Multiple Attack with 3+ shots will have slightly reduced accuracy based on number of shots fired: 3 = 5% reduction, 4 = 10% reduction. A 3+ multiple attack skill is still more powerful then the combo attack skill with this change, but not by too much as combo skill has much higher trigger rate.
    • Fixed active hero skills’ trigger order as follows: combo → multiple shots. dodge → repair. (previously, each hero’s check order is randomly determined at server restart)

  • Raid Team creation dialog will now display each pillar’s HP and name/id of the owning galaxy on mouse-over.
  • Misc bug fixes.


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