Galaxy of Pie Policies

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Galaxy of Pie Policies

Post  Drakken on Sun Apr 08 2012, 16:10

Currently, the Galaxy of Pie is ranked in the top ten galaxies and getting stronger all the time. We're very proud of the effort our members put into making us better. Our goals as a galaxy are too keep gaining in power and to increase the strength of our members. We conduct pillar raids, we reinforce each other for war, we join together to defeat raid bosses. And while we aren't G8, we do have a couple basic rules that are required to accomplish the above.

Activity Policy
We ask all our members to be active. This doesn't mean just logging in. We expect our members to grow in power and increase the size of their army. This is the very minimum that we'd like to see. We realize we have members from all over the world and in many different time zones so there's no requirement to be on for pillar raids or gem bosses. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out that there's enough people on when you are. We do encourage though that you help out the others who are online when you are. Reinforce them so they can complete those chapters and get more planets. This all helps making the galaxy better and stronger.

Idle Policy
We don't expect people to log on every day. We all have lives outside the game. But we do want active members and we do recruit on a constant basis. If someone is idle, they're likely to get booted to make room. We realize that sometimes things come up so we ask that if you do not want to get booted, you post in the vacation thread (in Bookkeeping and Member Status) so we know you do intend to come back. Whether it's a vacation or studying for finals, just let us know. It only takes a minute to post in a thread and no matter how busy you are, it should be possible to do at some point within a few days. If you do get booted, it doesn't mean you aren't welcome back.

If anyone has a problem with these policies, we might not be the right galaxy for you. It's a large game with many galaxies and many players with different priorities. These are ours and we think they're quite reasonable. We ask that they be yours as well if you stay in the Galaxy of Pie.


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